Yakima City Council District #2

Avina's Biography

After the historic 2015 election, Avina was selected to serve as Yakima’s first Latina mayor. She continues to represent on the City Council and currently serves on the Economic Development Committee and the newly created Neighborhood & Community Building Committee.


Avina continues to operate her small business as a marketing consultant and has previously served as an Office Manager in the Texas State Senate. She lives with her her best friend, Lalo, and their 2-year-old daughter.


P.O. Box 11517, Yakima, WA 98909 friendsofavina@gmail.com 509.952.6310



Public Safety


By prioritizing public safety, hiring more officers, and supporting community policing partnerships, Avina has a plan that will help reduce crime in our neighborhoods. We need to give our children better options than gangs and crime, by creating jobs and promoting educational opportunities.




East Yakima has suffered from economic neglect far too long. We need to reinvest in our commercial areas to attract new employers. We also must enforce laws requiring property owners to address blight and maintenance in order to make our community a better place to live and work. Avina has the experience in both the public and private sectors to build partnerships that will help Yakima grow and create jobs.




Creating opportunity for our youth is the most important long-term priority to in helping to create a safe, vibrant community in Yakima. Avina has led measures to fund mentorship and internship programs and she’ll continue to partner with the schools to ensure that our youth have the support they need to be safe, secure and contribute to our great city.


Roads & Sidewalks


Rebuilding roads and providing well-lit sidewalks are keys to both public safety and economic development – and are some of the areas where East Yakima has been most neglected. Please help Avina to continue the fight to ensure that we get our fair share of our city’s resources!

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